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Dear friend,

I promise you that l’m made of 100% love and devotion, l’m precious and pure and every part of me has been carefully selected to make the most out of me.

Please take good care of me so we can share good times and have a long life together. Keep me in your own cabinet of curiosities when l’m not close to you. Avoid putting me in direct contact with water, perfume or any other fluids. I might need some gentle cleansing now and then to keep the sparkle alive. Do respect that l can be both fragile and delicate and cannot handle sports and hard knocks and that l prefer to sleep alone. Remember – l just want to be wonderful and stay beautiful for you.

Another thing l wanted to tell you is that nobody is perfect and if you are unlucky and break me, there is somebody who cares. If you have a repair question, please get in contact and fill out your detailed repair request, description of item purchased and your full contact details. They will charge you a small fee depending on the amount of repair work required.


Your very own LUCIEGROOM creation of curiosity.

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