Lucie is an Australian artist, who has formed a love and passion for metal work through the medieval art of blacksmithing. She has developed her skill base over a number of years with large sculptural objects, whilst working as an apprentice blacksmith in Shropshire, England. Surrounded with nature and greenery, like she had never seen before, she took this as a great inspiration for her creative work.

After moving back to Australia, she further developed her skill set, studying Jewellery Design at Curtin University.  This new venture allowed her to express her love of the intricacies and different textures found in nature through her work. This love has continued to flourish and influences her metal work through new-found observations and curiosities.

Lucie’s design reflects this natural beauty that often goes unnoticed by most. Her designs reflect upon the weird and wonderful obscurities that can be found in the environment, through the process of preserving natural specimens. Being an observer and collector of organic forms, she creates objects aimed to fascinate, admire and intrigue. Her forms allow the natural objects to be viewed for greater consideration.

In the 18th century many new breeds of insects and plants were discovered and it was the main era of cabinets of curiosities. People collected these rarities to marvel over their oddity. These natural curiosities were collected for people to live in the presence of something extraordinary or marvellous. Jewellery has a similar function in that the intimate relation to the wearer means that the experience of the forms in each piece is brought into a sharper focus. The increased accessibility this provides will establish a more thoughtful consideration of the objects Lucie has chosen to work with.


The organic materials Lucie uses are transformed and reborn; given a new life as objects of astonishment.