The world to be an elaborate web of experiences, a continuous journey exploring our relationship with nature.

Travelling countries and embracing unknown cultures adding a vibrancy and meaning to life; seasons invariable fleeting yet always unique.

Born in Australia to its own unique landscape Lucie developed an intense love of the natural world and a deep spiritual relationship with all living things. Lucie grew curious of the vast colours and textures found in nature and the contrast this had in different countries, developing her own unique relationship with nature. It was in England where Lucie first discovered metal work; inspired by the backdrop of rolling hills, sprawling valleys and ancient woodlands, Shropshire was where Lucie began her creative journey through the traditional art of Blacksmithing and returned to Australia evolving her art to include Jewellery Design. 


Wax casting is an ancient technique of metallurgy allowing organic materials to be fossilized and recreated into adornments. Her designs are inspired by the weird and wonderful obscurities that can be found in the natural world and reflect this beauty that often goes unnoticed. Being an observer and collector of organic forms, Lucie creates objects aimed to fascinate, admire and intrigue.


The organic materials Lucie uses are transformed and reborn; given a new life as objects of astonishment.