The Hunter Gatherer collection has been inspired by the natural world living entwined with the land. Residing in a small country town in England Lucie enjoyed the joy of foraging through the wildlife. Gathering herbs, fungi and unique organic forms found around the forrest floors. Her senses were opened to this new world and inspiration was looming from everywhere. This collection has been designed to encourage us all to embrace the beauty of our natural land and keep exploring with our adventurous feet.  

The Cabinet of Curiosities collection followed Lucie's love of natural oddities and curious creatures. Combining both organic and metal, these pieces has been fossilised to allow us to recognise and appreciate our time, to enjoy the uniqueness we each have in our natural world. 

Seasons of Sunshine is a colourful and naturally beautifully collection. The designs created have been inspired by natures true form and beauty, the textures and colours have been captured uniquely in each piece. These adornments are elegant and true statement pieces true to the LUCIEGROOM signature style.

Coloured by Lichen is the collection Lucie created after falling in love with this species. Her research into the species and gathering of local lichens began her journey. Over the years this collection has always continued to grow, exploring new ideas and techniques to create with lichen. The colour and texture has its own unique rarities that Lucie treasures everyday. 

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